i6Health Platform

Solution Introduction

i6Health Platform

Solution Introduction

Prevention and monitoring

i6Health is a proven, solid platform based on a cost effective saving model that allows patients, doctors, medical teams, hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical companies be connected and share all the vital sanitary symptoms information related to a being chronic disease. Periodically (daily, weekly, monthly..), the patients check the symptoms on an easy and usable install application on their Smartphones, just tipping the status and how they feel today.

The platform improves quality of the services that health professional teams provide, cost effectiveness in the follow up process of the treatments, off and on line system, patients feels confortable and secure, the doctor is always supporting them through the platform.

Structure the information on a shared secure Data Base compliant with the highest encryption methods and standard security policies, as well as the establishment of the virtual private network transmit ion between the Smartphones and the central data base.

All the information is structured by the collective chronic disease and the affected patients population can share their concerns through the social network that can be created and integrated within the platform (could be used and integrated in one of the existing ones, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

The longer life expectancy in developed countries and the progressive aging is unquestionable. This phenomenon has a major consequence: the marked increase in chronic diseases. We are in the new pandemic of the century

WHO (World Health Organization, 2011

  • Patients

    Management saving/cost
    Journal of my illness
    Delegation to others (family, caregivers, etc...)

  • Medical Team

    Management saving/cost
    Centralized management of patient
    Identifying the symptoms
    Preventive medicine
    Delegated on-line recipe
    Delegation to the team (nurses, etc...)
    Reports and charts

  • Hospitals

    Management saving/cost
    Preventive medicine
    Significant savings in the management model
    Centralization of services
    Application model teams roles
    Management of patiens with multiple diseases
    Coordinated medical equipment
    Reports and on-line steps

  • Insurance and Farmaceuticals

    Management saving/cost
    Management and control of drugs
    Periodic reviews
    Progress reports of drugs and diseases
    Profitability and supply of medicines policies
    CRM´s interactions with
    Reminder on-line
    Bidirectional suggestions

System Architecture

System diagram and modules

System Architecture

System diagram and modules

Central System

Description & Specs

Based on WAS Open Standards, the system supports high availability; on line backup Data Base, web management and recovery. System is based on Web Services; it is easy to integrate with being third party solutions and proprietary applications. Also working with Continua standard protocol to integrate biometric devices that download vital information about blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, etc. DB2/ Informix Data Base ready for on-line report tools to analyze medicine impact, social behavior for a specific disease.

  • Provide Cloud Services
  • All the Services are Secured
  • Connected to Emergency Systems
  • Statistical Analysis
    • Event Risk Detection
    • Population Studies
  • Open Architecture: allow to connect new services easily
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Smartphone Application

Description & Specs

The patients access to the smartphone belonging market and download the Application (App Store or Android Market Place). Once the application is installed on the device with the patient click on the APP logo, it prompts User and Login, that previously the professional medical team has provided to the patient or the patient has been created on the web their own credentials. The application is configured to be used on a very simple user manner, any one can used it, just clicking on the colours, faces (happy & smiley green face, normal orange face or red bad humour face) on the specific symptom. Once the action is done the application stores the patient election on the local database.

The symptoms could be configured related to the chronic disease, General Status (how I fell today), Painful Symptoms, Alimentation (type), Check Point Medicins & drugs (manage how is the dosage, tablets per day, time frame schedule and ring alarms). Impact & quality daily life, suggestion box for the medical team in both directions.

All the information is pre processed in the Smartphone before the synchronization process has began with the central Data Base. The Application works on and off line, if the smartphone coverage allows to use the public network, (operator 3, 4G, GPRS or Wi-Fi) all the synchronize process is done on a real time through an encrypted Virtual Private Channel with the Central Data Base.

Worklight is the deployment tool used.

  • Mobile Services developed With Worklight
  • Push Notifications: appointment, medication, medical advises…
  • Tools: Syncronized virtual pillbox, Appointment agenda, Connection with medical devices
  • Friendly User Interface
  • HTML5 + Native Code
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone
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Web Application

Description & Specs

Supported by all browsers, based on a role access credentials, any one that is part of the system could access to his personalized view of the data. Patients will access to the same data as they have in the Smartphone / tablet application. Doctors will access to their patients portfolio and analyse per period (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, two separate dates…) all the follow up of each one of his patients, also could take the right decision for a being medicine or drug looking at the daily evolution and the impact in the treatment.

Doctors can change on line the dosage of a medicine looking at the graphic evolution of the disease in the patient. Doctor can send a message to the patient with a new recommendation or appointment with a visit or send to another colleague for a second medical opinion. Can also delegate on his team, nurse, assistant to advise if here is a substantial change in the evolution of a symptom in a patient.

  • Multiple Roles
    • Specialists: i6 will allow specialist to increase their patient portfolio
    • The patients: Will access new services remotely, will feel more sure
    • Social workers, family and assistants: Will be able to share information, will take the role of patients
  • Semantic Web and Web 2.0
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Description & Specs

All the networking system is based and supported by the secure international the facto protocols using VPN in the connections between Smartphones and Central System, Data Encription DES Algorithm for the health data included in the Smartphone and Central Data Base.

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  • Access

    Windows Phone
    Java App
    Firefox OS
  • Mode

    On-line:Permanent synchronization in real time.
    Off-line:Full funcionality, synchronization mode.
  • Languages

    Audio in 12 languages
  • Roles

    Personal CRM
  • Architecture

    Based in cloud
    Server virtualized
    Open BBDD
    Web services ready
    Open source
  • Devices

    Wireless Technology: Bluetooth and Continua
    Multiple measures: Electrocardiogram, EPOX


Contact information and form


Contact information and form

Av. Brasil 17, 15-D
28020, Madrid, Spain

info: info@i6healthapp.com

Phone: (+34) 91 371 73 24